Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Location test

We shot this location yesterday as a test for a possible upcoming shoot. Every couple months I need to come up with an ad  for Archive magazine  and thought this might be a cool place to make an image.
To my eye it looked great but through the camera it was all kind of a mess. I thought we should shoot a few sheets of film to see if maybe I was wrong. Maybe the camera knew there was a photograph here and I just could not see it. 
Maybe it was just the wrong time of day or maybe it needed  a different kind of person.
I am not ready to give up on it


Sirfenn said...

I think your casting is exceptional. Happy Birthday!

Dave said...

Where is that? It looks like a wash in Briones Open Space in East Bay. Maybe I'll see you out there when I'm walking my dogs.

Rob Casey said...

the overhang tree looks like the one in florida in your current archive ad. great ad by the way. how's that working out?