Monday, September 29, 2008

The Shire


Rob Prideaux said...

Ooh yeah much better. Did you ever see a film called Jacob's Ladder? It had some really disturbing motion blur effects, used to highlight the protagonists bad trips.

Dave said...

I really like the careful framing of this image. The lower right corner is perfect and I like the fade to darkness in the background.

A thought on hiking and photography... A lot of times when I am out jogging or hiking without my camera I see things that would seem to make a great photo. When I return with my camera later I can't seem to grasp what wanted to photograph while running. I think this is because during strenuous exercise the brain is pumped full of both oxygen and endorphins which alter my perception making everything look more intense. That's not meant to be a critique of your photo -- just something for you to think about next time you're out hiking and see a potential photo op.