Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hiking, Greenberg and the steel cage grudge match

Photo James Balog

For some reason I have taken up hiking in my old age. I am up to 13 miles and hope to be up to 30 by spring. 

Today was like most hikes. For the first mile everything hurt and I wonder why I am wasting my time doing this. I am in preproduction on a job and have a bunch of bids out that need tending to. There has to be something more important for me to do. 

Lately I have been following the Greenberg situation too closely. Not since the APE entered the steel cage with Mrs. Broening has the photo blog world been all ahoo. 

I saw Greenberg speak and thought she came across better in her images than in front of a bunch of people. At her talk she seemed bored and disengaged.  I loved her images of crying babies and monkeys (which I thought looked like  a more polished version of what James Balog shot back in the day).

Back on the trail today.  No cell phone or blackberry.  Making my way through Puccini's operas. Around the third mile I start feeling better and at mile six I head up hill just as Madam Butterfly learns her husband has married an American.  It feels like a hit off a crack pipe and I don't want to be anywhere else and I don't want the hike to end.  At mile 1o I run out of water and  limp to the finish. 


Anonymous said...

I am SO sick of Jill Greenberg and her self-importance.

robert said...

thanks for pointing out the balog influence. Generally I liked his approach better mainly because it was not so glossy. JG's shiny people are lit very technically, impressively, but I feel, kinda dead. A thing can get too perfect.

Congrats on the hiking, I got too got the exercise bug late this summer and have been running 10k's and enjoying myself. Of course you could be at home on Blog Patrol but I think you are making the right choice.