Sunday, August 31, 2008

Student tries to talk photographer off the ledge

Photo By Alex Gagne
I got this email from Alex Gagne this week. It seems that the recent RIT grad is concerned out about my well being . I have heard from him and from an old friend and they both seemed worried about me.

From Alex:

"I read your blog alot and the way you talk about photography it seems like there is no hope for the profession of being a photographer and I guess I just wanted to know what you think about being photographer and if it is even possible to make a living in this day and age because in my eyes you are a very successful photographer but when you talk about yourself on your blog you make it sound like your about to go on welfare."

The last thing I want to do is to start sounding like the bitterphotographer.  

It is difficult to tread the fine line between cockrocking and sounding like a boy whistling in the dark. Sometimes I miss the mark.

In reality all is well here. It has been almost a year since I have not had an agent and that has gone surprisingly well. I thought for sure I would do it terribly but in fact is has been pretty smooth and I actually enjoy the process. Who knew?


Jeff Singer said...

Your a photographer... its part of your job to complain and make it sound as if there is no hope.

If you didn't, we'd all assume you're one of those trust fund artists that have nothing but time and money on their hands.

g said...

Anyway, what's wrong with the Bitter Photographer?

queenofoakland said...

Oh, but I enjoy the occassional self-deprication and cloud of impending doom so much in this blog!

To know that those I admire still struggle is invaluable.

Anonymous said...

as long as your not the UK.
There basically isn't a photography market here.