Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The Communication Arts Photo Annual came in the mail while I was on a conference call. I really liked David Bowman's series and don't miss a great image from Bill Gallery which I thought was terrific.

I was busy googling myself when I came across my name on Jamie Kripke's blog. I think a lot photographers make the mistake of starting a blog and then ignoring it after a couple posts. I told Jamie that if he wanted an audience he needed to write regularly. Sometimes I have nothing to write about (See CA post above) and sometimes I have plenty to say (Detroit ,Fla) The key is to write no matter what. If you write often enough a strange thing starts to happen: you stop lying so much and slowly some of the truth starts trickling in. It turns out that it shockingly hard to maintain a stream of hype, exaggeration and hyperbole without a trace of truth, fear or regret. I am in awe of those who are able to do it but not sure if I have the requisite sociopathic personality to pull it off.


Sirfenn said...

C'mon now. We appreciate the effort. Where else can we read about Manatees, Vince Neal, Cockrocking, Paxil, Fried Gator, and JLo, on the same web page. Keep mixing it up T.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more about writing a lot and the truth comes out....keep it up

Shane O'Neill said...

LIke this post thanks thomas.
I started a blog a few weeks ago & appreciate the advice to keep posting.

Timothy Archibald said...

Suckers! You are all so easily fooled. The man is preaching about cutting thru the hype as he is scanning his spreads out of CA. And then you are all nominating him for a Nobel Prize.Is this a post modern performance art thing or something?