Friday, June 15, 2007

Glossary Term #1

We were in Sacramento all day yesterday. 103 degrees literally ankle deep in pigeon droppings in an old factory. No air-conditioning -no electricity. It was so GREAT!!

Which leads us to our first term in our Glossary : Cockrocking.

When one or more photographers get together the conversation will quickly turn to an exaggerated description of the difficulties overcome in a recent job. Like roosters strutting around the farm yard. Extra points are given if a level of indifference can be shown, the client can be made out as the villain in the story, or one of these phrases can be worked into the conversation: "helicopter, motor-home or I almost died." It does not matter if the job is photographing a war, a huge ad campaign or bar mitzvah. The cockrocking principle remains the same.

I was at a party of a local rep and when one of her photographers walked in from shooting a job. He knows no one in the room, yet before he has made it to the drink table he has managed to mention multiple rain machines, closing of streets and catering. He has hit for the cycle and we all stand in awe.

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Ken said...

Best term ever. All I've ever been able to say is it was pretty cold in my studio one day. Got a cold a few days later. Somehow it doesn't have the same awe factor as something like loose chickens and helicopters...