Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Detroit Chronicles: Day 1

8x10 camera and a golf cart. Photo Geek Heaven.

I got up at dawn to start work on a story about a golf course in a crappy neighborhood that was saved by a local church. I am shooting landscapes and portraits. I have to say I that Richard Rinaldi's work is in the front of my brain as I shoot these.

I spent the morning with the grounds keeper and was told stories of gun toating pimps in the golf cart barn and still born infants left on the course. He said the place was different at night and not to go outside the fence alone.

I am shooting the Bishop tonight who runs the church that bought the course. I saw a giant Bently way off in the parking lot and asked the local pro whose car that was. Oh that's the Bishop's. You want me to call him? I said no I would wait until tonight.


shahn said...

Things that make you go hmmm...
(Cant wait to see the photos of the bishop)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom. Why don't you channel someone more interesting?