Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cigarettes and Military

We got a call this week from an ad agency for a campaign for the US Military. I did not have much time to think about it but out of my mouth came these words, "I appreciate the call but I have a real problem with the war. So I don't think I can be considered.Thank you."

A few years ago I got a call to shoot a cigarette campaign. I had told my rep at the time that I did not shoot tobacco and we passed.

It is not like I have been printing money and I have way too many mouths to feed here but do I really want to house, clothe and feed my children with money made from a promoting a product that kills thousands and a war I do not believe in?

I am not a particularly moral person nor am I a real do gooder. I tend to do what I want regardless of the consequences but my fear is if I shot one of these jobs I would end up regretting it for a long time.


Rich said...

What does shooting an ad campaign for the military have to do with the war? Cigarettes I get - but no one in the military started the war - it was those that currently control those that work for the Dept of Defense.

Anonymous said...

So you both hate the war AND the troops. That's what I thought the anti-war crowd was saying all along. Thanks for the clarity.

Anonymous said...

The time may come when you find a war to like. Then having people with more courage than you might actually be welcomed. And your contribution will be what?

Darrell Eager said...

Kudos to you! I think that those with talent should use them for good,
Funny I don't remember you saying anything about troops. I like the old question What if they had a war and no one came.

bird. said...

While I understand where anon 1 and 2 are coming from with their points, I think the point here is quite obvious. Military marketing is used in order to recruit MORE troops. It's not used in order to garner anything for the troops that are already serving (you clearly think that it's main purpose is for support, which in a miniscule part it might be, but that is absolutely NOT the sole purpose as to why the military advertises, especially when it is a well known fact that we are exhausting our troop count). TB is saying he is not supporting the war by not contributing to the recruitment of more troops. The campaign was for the military, not the troops. These are being referred to as different entities, as they should be. Bear in mind that TB said nothing about not supporting the troops. One can support the troops while still disagreeing with the war (hence those stickers "support our troops, bring them home"). My brother is currently serving active duty, and doesn't agree with the war. A troop, who doesn't agree with the military action. The military. The military in this case really refers to the government, as they are one in the same.

You both made an assumption when really you needed a clarification.

Assume. Ass. U. me.


bird. said...

Exactly Darrell. You chimed in while I was typing.


Anonymous said...

Military advertising is still advertising. And, it's purpose is to seduce young men and women into fighting and dying in a total bullshit war. If someone believes a war is unjust, then why would they want to help recruit kids to die for it? Does this really have to be said again: supporting the troops does not mean blindly sending them away to die like pawns in a tyrants personal war.

Very few photographers (and just about nobody in advertising for that matter) have that kind of integrity. And, integrity takes much more courage than blind, obedient faith in the status quo.

bird. said...

Big ups yerself Anon #3... that's what I'm talking about.

I'll chirp twice to that.

danny said...

Your decision to reject any bid on the military ad project is a freedom you have been given as an American citizen.

Nothing is wrong with that. Keep rockin the free world with beautiful images.

Steve said...

I find it hilarious and fitting for the type that would post something accusing you of a lack of courage would also leave the comment anonymously.

I say good for you for not only passing on the gig, but posting it here where you might catch crap from the blind followers.

I'd also like to point out that not only can you not support the war but still support the solders, who says you HAVE to support the solders? It seems a large section of the public have been brainwashed to think "you have to support the solders". Bull. Solders are people. Some of them are wonderful, brave, amazing folks. And some, just like any group of people, are less deserving of support.

Support them if you do, don't if you don't. Many of them died so we have the freedom to do what we want. If we were forced to feel or think a certain way, even about how we feel about them, what would be the point?

Plus, most of the military deaths now-a-days have nothing to do with protecting our freedoms. It's about protecting something else altogether. Right?

Anonymous said...

When our government decided to end the draft it didn't decide to invalidate the military. Advertising for military volunteers is an honorable way to ensure the kind of military that those who opposed the draft caused to become necessary. You're also free to not accept the assignment.

yv said...

rock on... great decision making!

Erich Morton said...

The time may come when you find a war to like. Then having people with more courage than you might actually be welcomed. And your contribution will be what?

I think standing up for what one believes to be morally correct, especially when doing so incurs direct physical or financial repercussions, is in itself a courageous act and the finest contribution an individual can make to his or her community.

Anonymous said...

Rock on TB. You tell those military guys that busted ass after the tsunami in Thailand to sod off. You ain't wasting your superior talents on that crap.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, like the military would really be using humanitarian effort to spearhead their campaign. are you delusional? do you really think that THAT is where the majority of our troops are? have you forgotten the other 98% that are dropping bombs on civilian weddings in the middle east and "saving the world" from the "eevil dewerz"?