Saturday, June 7, 2008

Review Santa Fe:The Paxil Chronicles:Day 2

Day two here was a doozy. Four reviews in the morning followed by a monster show at a local gallery. Last year they had more than 500 people come through and there were at least that many last night.

Early in the day:
It is surprisingly exhausting to sit down and talk about your work over and over again. I got some great feedback from the reviewers and has given me a ton to think about.

Later at the party:
A woman of a certain age came up to my table and complemented me on my work. After we both agreed what a genius I was I asked her if she too took photographs. She said she did and as a matter of fact she had just published her fist book. I thought to myself, wow Santa Fe really is an artist's colony but without having to go through that whole unpleasant starving artist stage. Out came a book and she handed it over to me. It was a iPhoto book and consisted of a series of nude self portraits shot in various environs around the globe. In one image she is covered with dirt somewhere in South America. In another she is ankle deep in a stream in New Zealand. And so it went page after page. And with her standing next to me it wasn't like I could just flip through the book at break neck speed as I might have wanted to. Each image had to be looked at with care and each page turned delicately.

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Liz said...

lol... so was it a bad, good, or neutral experience having to flip through that book having her stand right next to you?