Thursday, June 5, 2008

Review Santa Fe:The Paxil Chronicles:Day 1

I arrived here in the land of adobe, turquoise jewelry and Range Rovers this afternoon. The women who put on this event are incredibility well organized and I can see things going very smoothly.

There was a party at a local gallery and that was when the cockrocking began in earnest. I met a kid who just got an MFA from the School of Visual Arts. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea strategically to pretend I had never heard of SVA. And then having made my bed I had to lie in it. When I met the woman next to him I had to come with an awkward sounding way to ask if she knew of SVA and if she had gone there. Maybe he seemed smug. Maybe I just wished I was 28 and fresh from a graduate program.

I met Sarah Small who was super nice but of course I came on too strong and weird and she probably thinks I am a manic freak.

A woman asked what my work looked like , and I said a little Atget mixed with Stephen Shore and dash of Misrach. She said that was great...If I knew who those people were.

And then a commercial guy I had never heard of (who wore a t-shirt and baseball cap with the name of his company on it. I am lucky if I have a business card) complemented my work at the top of his lungs and then did it again as he was leaving. I love that guy. He is my new Santa Fe BFF.

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