Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Review Santa Fe

A couple days until Review Santa Fe starts. Not enough Paxil in all the world to make me want to go.My wife said imagine how upset I would be if I didn't get in. I said I want to be get in but then be called out of town at the last minute. My wife said that doesn't sound very healthy. I hope my table is close to the Glaxo Table.

Link to all participants here.


Rob Prideaux said...

Your life is waiting, man.

Anonymous said...

Think about it...you...alone and unsure, with nothing but a box of dreams, your sweaty palms and voice that sounds like it's coming out of someone else's head. And then there is all those stunningly talented photographers brimming with confidence and a locked-in pitch they've been honing for the last six months, each wanting a chance to for the big time--maybe even a few ad shoots for deep pocket clients--if they're chosen.

Back you you and your pathetic deep pocket clients wanting your magic pixie dust.