Monday, March 10, 2008

Standing outside

Vallejo, CA

While waiting for light in the morning my mind tends to wander. I worry how this new way of making pictures will work in the commercial world.

This weekend up in Vtown I imagined myself on the set of an ad shoot with this house or maybe the eagle as the subject of a giant campaign. It's cold and everyone is pissed we had to get up early and they are all hung over from drinking too much at dinner the night before. There is a motor home and breakfast and coffee.

I am standing with my back to the camera looking at the dawn sky wondering what kind of shadows we will get. The AD walks up to me.

AD:Hey when are you going to start shooting?
ME:I dunno maybe not at all. We'll see what the light looks like.
AD: Uhhh ok.

The AD goes back and approaches the account executive ,coffee in hand.

AE: What'd he say?
AD:He says its going great and he is going to nail it.
AE:Why is he not taking any pictures?
AD:Its part of his process
AE; Not taking pictures is part of his process of taking pictures.
AD Exactly
AE: You shittin me? What am I supposed to tell the client?
AD Hell if I know. That is why you drive the BMW and I drive a Honda

AE goes into the motor home.

Client: How is it going?
AE: Fabulous
Client When do we get to see something?
AE: Any minute...


Zeke K said...


I needed a good smile. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

you are a funny guy.

Erich said...

Is this why we have a 6:30am call time today?

Sherman said...

It's funny how corporate is corporate. No matter the business. Whether it be photography, design, marketing or technology, it's all the same - "Why can't we have it right now? I know we're not going to use it in 6 months, but I need to deliver now"

Ryan said...

This is way too accurate to be funny.. but I'm still laughing. Somewhere in there we might hear a "so.. when is the monitor going to be set up?"

General Lee said...

Thanks for the story. It is repeated 100's of times a day. I had a great laugh as we have all had this experience at one point in time.

an eye in the world said...

Your honesty on this blog is completely and totally... refreshing. Thank you. I really enjoy seeing to new work, too.

Ulrich said...