Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I have been shooting 4x5 for a while and brought out the 8x10 to see how different it would look. Carrying the camera with lenses and holders was a huge pain in the ass and I wondered why I was wasting my time. I have gotten to the point with my 4x5 and a manbelt where shooting large format is almost as easy as 35mm.

I climbed down the side of a hill to shoot this bridge under construction. Two minutes before sunset it looked terrible and messy and I was sure I would get nothing. 15 minutes later it happened and like a curtain rising at the begining of an opera I got the light. The Misrach light I have been chasing. It seems like in that little window I could point the giant camera at anything and it would be beautiful.

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bryon said...

Very beautiful. I just saw this from the plane flying in to SFO a couple days ago. On the web, it might be hard to see the advantages of shooting 8x10, but I'm sure they're their.