Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Fan Base Grows By One


This was the response I got this morning from one NYC ad agency after I sent the html email above to a few thousand of my closest friends.

They tell us nobody looks at sourcebooks and they all chuck out the direct mail they get. They are too busy to meet with us and then are surprised when we bombard them with email.

Hey. I am just trying to winnow the list of people who love love love me.


Ulrich said...

that is quite a number of close friends you have there ;-)

Darrell Eager said...


Erich said...

Why am I not on your email blast list?

Don Giannatti said...

It is somewhat edifying to see the linguistic abilities of one who is enmeshed in the creative arts. "Stop sending me this crap."

Wow... so well stated and concisely spot on. I wonder at the ability of someone like that working in the creative business... ahh, then I watch TV and see what they think is great advertising... yeah.

I guess they see so much crap coming out of their cubicles that it is hard to recognize, you know, not-crapness stuff.

But hey, one out of thousands... I would send his email to some spam lists... sign him up to receive emails from Belaruse... but that's just me, and I am not beating those bushes anymore.

bryon said...

Post his email, and I'll gladly add him to my "be sure to send crap to" list. ;-)

Baii said...

You're my hero!