Saturday, January 19, 2008

Looking for a new Pad

Back in the day Doug Adesko, Timothy Archibald and I all had reps. Doug had been with his for a while but Archibald and I had just signed with new reps. Tim's reps were a couple of women who started an agency called Tidepool.

Doug (on the phone to Tim) : How is Lilly Pad treating you?

TA: What?

DA: Lilly Pad. Didn;t you just sign with Lilly Pad or something?

TA; Tidepool. Not Lilly Pad.

DA: Same thing.

TA: Not Pad. Tidepool.

So of course, hours later, Archibald recounts this story to me and from that day four years ago a new word has entered the lexicon:

Pad :meaning agent.

As in:

Have you heard back from the Pad about that job?

Oh yeah I know Lars' work. Who is his Pad?

Here in SF, the retouchers have Pads. The stylists have pads. You are no one without a Pad.


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Anonymous said...

made me cringe then want to vomit.
Poor TB is no one right now.

Thomas Broening said...

Thanks for the support. Rock on!

Anonymous said...

why would it make you want to puke? I can only think that you have an agenda or you are responding to something else other than post about "the pad" ....