Friday, January 11, 2008

Entry Point

From Tim Archibald:

Entry Point-An image that works in both the commercial and art world.


Timothy Archibald said...

Oh, yes, I'm all into the idea of "Entry Points", but I wouldn't define it that way.

I think I define it as a photo that opens the doors, provides art directors with an easy and accessible version of your vision that they could imagine using for their ad, editorial story, etc, and also would not scare away editors or clients. A picture that doesn't really show your vision at its most un-compromising, but seems to be something that a photo editor could take to the client and say ..." we want our ads to look like this guy's work ", and it would not result in an arguement.

An "Entry Point" isn't a photographers smartest image or most challenging image, but it is an image that is very easy to get the rewards from, no matter how educated or un-educated the viewer.

Hmmm said...

Nicely said mr. archibald, nicely said.

Ulrich said...

I like it a lot. and it reminds me of winogrand