Friday, January 11, 2008

Call Sheets: How not to do it

I am in the process of booking a hotel in New York for an upcoming trip to meet with reps. I used to stay just stay in the cheapest hotel I could find but as I get older my personal comfort is becoming all important.

We shot a job in LA last year. There was a little wiggle room in the budget for a nice hotel so I ended up staying at L'Ermitage in Beverly Hills. This is by far the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. I think the room had more square feet than my house and put the P in Phat. They provided me with letter head and business cards with my name on it with the hotel contact info on it. So I settled into my room and checked my email.

Oh look the producer has sent call sheets. I see my name and my assistants name with our respective numbers and rooms numbers at L'Ermitage. Let's see where everyone else is staying: Oh Dear. They are all staying at a Best Western in Long Beach. All of them the client and agency people. Yikes this does not look good.

The next day at the preproduction everyone made small talk and made sure to stay clear of discussion of accommodations. The weather is always safe. Or at least in LA you can always talk about the traffic.

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