Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You never call/Would you please stop calling me!

I never know if I should call after I shoot a job . Half the time the AD/PE has moved on to the next project and the last thing they want to do is talk to me.

On rare occasions they ask me to explain a photograph. As in;"What is that? Why did you shoot that?" If I have to explain something then for sure I have failed. I communicate using images and if words are needed then it obvoiously is not working.

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max s. gerber said...


i know the feeling. some editors i find are really good about giving feedback after a shoot and some just disappear. it's always nerve wracking when you hear nothing, but mostly i think you're right - these are busy people who have gotten what they need and now are on to the next thing. i always feel a little less nervous about the whole thing if they even just shoot back a quick "Got it, thanks" email.

i don't know if i agree with you on the words part though. i think pictures always have a context, and for myself captions at least are very important. at least shooting editorially the context really does matter. editorial is all about context. but yeah, i know what you mean. when they ask "why'd you do that?" it's never because they really like that thing you did. however i have to say, when the dust settles and everything's filed away and the magazine is lining birdcages it's always those "what were you thinking?" shots i come back to.