Sunday, August 26, 2007

Newly Discovered CR Footage

This just in. Through some complicated forensic technology we have uncovered this never before seen footage that includes me, my crew and a helicopter in the same photograph!!! It would be ideal if the helicopter had something to do with our photo shoot or if I could be seen highfiving/hugging/toasting the client or even if the crew was remotely interested in what I was doing but you have to crawl before you can walk.


Sherman Charles said...

I'll definitely give you some props on the helicopter - although it would have been cooler if it was a Blackhawk or an Apache. Even more props if there was a speedboat/gunboat somewhere is the frame.

AE- Advertising Executive
PRO - who is that? Role?


ThomasBroening said...

Yes next timw we will need some kind of speedboat or maybe something with a Crocket/Tubbs flair.

Pro is producer. An abbreviation that has not caught on.

favrot - the t is silent said...

that helicopter was bringing all the rain machines we needed asap -

victoriaremler said...

I think the PRO is actually your wife, but don't worry I won't tell anyone. Seriously though, there's a resemblence... Why not just start wearing a gun holster with your own semi-automatic pistol and then you won't need to worry about earning cred, people will just be scared! XOXO

Timothy Archibald said...

it does look like everyone was having a good time.

remler met the "pro" at the party, come on, I even know that.