Monday, August 13, 2007

Gorillas in the mist

We were on a job. We had to do a bunch of shots in a few days and everyone was exhausted and looking forward to a half days'rest before three more days of shooting and a trip home.
We had just wrapped the last shot before the break and the account guy stepped up to the producer and said the client wanted to look at wardrobe in two hours.

The producer took a step back. "No the crew needs a break. We can look at
wardrobe in the morning"

The account guy took a step forward. " No we need to look at it today"

The producer took a step back"No"

The account guys took a step forward "Yes"

Producer stepping back"No"

The account guy took a step back 'OK"

The producer later said she was not sure she would have been able to hold her ground if there had been a wall behind her.

The entire conversation took place with body language.The words were like an over frothed form on top of a giant veal chop served at a high end Manhattan restaurant .The real action took place on the meat.

We have the internet and the space shuttle but when it comes down to it we
are just monkeys in the jungle communicating by beating out chests and
picking bugs off each other.

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