Sunday, August 26, 2007

Forbes Cover

When I work on a story there is a fine line between shooting the same picture over and over again and creating a unified approach so the whole package holds together. Laura Johnston did the post.


Timothy Archibald said...

Yes, very well done.

As far as the blogosphere goes, this is a total buzz kill. Please trash someone, make fun of something, show us pictures of people yelling at you, giving you the finger, telling you to fuck off, that type of thing. That is what readers come here for.

I'd recommend scanning the check from the magazine and posting it as the visual for the blog entry. That would be more in line with the general tone of the blog.


ThomasBroening said...

Point well taken Mr Archibald. Though your response confuses me and I find the language offensive and really negative.

In point of fact the cover you are referring to was quite difficult to execute. While it is true the company did provide a dozen facility guys to help us get all our gear up to the roof and I actually did not myself touch a piece of equipment until it was time to press the shutter it COULD have been a really hard photo shoot.

Fortunately the subject was great! And the PR woman was sooooo cool! (We exchanged emails and have talked about vacationing together. She is my new BFF!!!!)

victoriaremler said...

Glad I clued you in re: BFFs.