Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wolfgang Taliban

I created this character -Wolfgang Taliban-at the height of the two wars last summer. One war is is still raging (Iraq) and the other one in my house has died down. I have four girls and last year three of them were under five years old.

Being the only guy in a household of five women I know what it is to live under my own personal Taliban. Creating this character (my mddle name is Wolfgang) seemed to take a little pressure off.

Michael Wertz designed the logo.


Erich said...

You told me that was a band.

Timothy Archibald said...

How about shots from the Wolfgang Taliban period?

queenofoakland said...

Submit to the wrath of the female household, or seek good cover and return to thumb-sucking habit!
Rules of Submition:
1. We are always right.
2. "I love listening to how you feel" = your new mantra.
3. Cleaning duty cannot be postponed!