Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Primate, canine and decisions



A couple hours after commenting on Andrew Hetherington's blog (http://whatsthejackanory.blogspot.com/) abut a recent Larry Sultan photograph (above with hose ) I found myself at an executive's house on a photo assignment. I couldn't get the LS image out of my mind as we walked around the mansion scouting.
When shooting a portrait there are a thousand decisions that we as photographers make and none of them are an accident. A portrait is not a document but a lie that we tell about ourselves or about our subjects. Above is this amazing photograph by Eugene Smith from the '50s. He spent a bunch of time at a spanish village and shot these town guards. He could have shot these guys a myriad of different ways but chose this unflattering approach because he wanted to comment on Franco's regime. A lie for sure but sure has some truth in it.

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