Monday, June 4, 2007

Now the Work Starts

I am at the point in this project where the big questions have been answered and all that is left to do is take the pictures. This feels shockingly like work and I am not looking forward to spending many hours in the back of that flatbed truck while people yell at me.

I think I have one succesful photograph and four hlaf photographs. Unfortunently this does not had up to three final images.

1 comment:

Reid said...

Hey, photo reciprocity! Your photo of Heather taking her photo of you.

I think this idea is great. I know, the "execution" has got to be a bit of a pain (I can't believe you tried this 8x10 at first), but I have to believe you'll find some payoff.

Anyone taking odds on how many trips it will take before a cop pulls you over to investigate?