Monday, June 4, 2007

Is it alive?

That was the question Lisette Modell asked her student Sean Kernan. He was a teacher of mine and explained that the most important question you can ask about a photograph is:"Is it alive?"

The photograph above is not particularly in focus nor are my kid's clothes perfect but it does seem convey an emotion. Jen Small (art buyer and new friend) said after reviewing my work that some of the photographs were so lit and produced that I had managed to beat all the life out it.

When I was in college studying photography an editor came to town to speak and do portfolio reviews. She looked at my work and was super critical. I was devastated and spent an entire season (spring I think) refusing to sleep in my bed instead silently protesting the critique by sleeping on the coach. Needless to say I was being overly dramatic ( i was 20 years old ) and did not endear myself to my roommates.

At 38 years old I still have much to learn and far to go. I cling to the story of the tortoise and the hare rooting myself horse for the little reptile.

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