Friday, January 8, 2010

New Flower Series

Here is a rough scan of 8X10 contact sheet from a new series I just started. A neighbor mentioned that he thought it looked like the animal series from a few years ago. .
That is my goal. To bring the same sensibility to anything I point the camera at regardless of what it is so that whatever I am shooting it still looks like one of my photographs.

Animal Series


Jeff Singer said...

Looks like a meat silhouette of a dog with its nose in the air.

Timothy Archibald said...

you know...
the only time i ever deleted a post from my blog was when i posted a scan of something i thought was enigmatic and jeff singer responded " it looks like cookie monster "

bird. said...

Ha! I can't help but agree with Singer.

It's not a bad thing, either.


Jeff Singer said...

Hmmm, Thomas deleted a comment of mine a week or so ago... but in fairness it was because I was trying to point out something potentially negative so he could change it if he chose to.

Although, Emily always deletes my comments on her Facebook page.

Maybe I should re-evaluate my commenting skills.

But, it does look like a dog with it's nose in the air. Think of it as an additional layer of complexity... a Rorschach test to the viewer.

And, what exactly is wrong with the cookie monster? Could you be imposing undue negativity to my comments?