Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Middle

In addition to the lake/climber images I am also working on a new still life series. I have an idea but am at that point in the process where I am not at all convinced its going to work out.

Right now is the best time . I have the germ of an idea that is propelling me forward and gets me excited. As soon as I wake up I can't wait to go to work on it.

In the beginning it blows. In the beginning you have no ideas and are convinced you will never have one again.

I don't care for the end. At the end all is worked out and there is no doubt in the process and it is just about executing the original conceit. It becomes like a job. The end is about finishing and paying attention.

But the end is what separates the men from the boys. The wheat from the chaff. The clever from the sublime. Well you get the idea. The end is where the masters live.

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