Monday, November 17, 2008

Riding the Queen:The Butler

I have been hiding in my bathroom from my butler. He won't leave me alone and is always asking me if I need anything. Because I am by myself I think he is worried I may be lonely. He and his five foot tall assistant , Armando, are all over like a couple Filipino Jehovah's Witnesses who have hit the motherlode:a captive audience.

In the past I have stayed below in  coffin class but for some reason on this crossing they have given me a giant suite with two bathrooms, a double balcony and Claudio, my butler.

I miss my coffin. Down there it is dog eat dog. More like a floating Motel 6 than the upscale digs I have. We photographers are the Goldilocks of the working world. 

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Rob Prideaux said...

Surrender to Claudio, he only wants what's best for you.