Monday, November 17, 2008

Riding the Queen: Getting there

Flying over the country in a blackened box the stewardess all have 20 years in and talk about bidding for the best routes. The food is more terrible than can be imagined. The food carts are all banged up like roadie cases and you get the feeling of an empire in decline. If this was a German airline someone would have changed them out. Or the Saudis. The Gulf states are keeping Boeing in business.

Everyone on the plane seems to be reading magazines featuring our new president. There he is in a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The Black Brando. More beautiful than any woman. Last week I ran into a friend waiting in line for coffee at Pete's in Oakland and I called out to her, "Too bad about the election." 20 people whipped their head in my direction, "Just kidding", I reply.

There is one McCain lawn sign in my zip code and my kids always insist on driving out of our way to see it. In the spring during primary season they had a mock election in my daughter's class. On the ballot were Hillary and Obama. No McCain. No Romney. Not even a Huckabee or Paul.


Anonymous said...

Perfect. A country in decline asking a rookie to win the big game because the veteran starter is too old, too out of touch and isn't a team player. Meanwhile the rookie is sleek, nimble and too familiar with empty phrases intended to substitute experience with bravado. The fans like the new guy because hope is the cheapest commodity available.

anon anon said...

Ha. The "old guy," who is exactly like the OLD guy that is still in office for another few weeks. Voting the same on 90% of the votable issues isn't "change." It's the same OLD thing. I'd give it up to a new guy any day over 4 more years of the same crap, "my friends."