Friday, May 30, 2008

The Florida Chronicles Part 7: Parting Shot and the Waiver

We shot this woman and her daughter on the last day at the end of the day. We were both exhausted and packing the gear up when I saw her floating in the pool. I thought she was beautiful. She was graceful like the manatee we had hoped to see. I told Erich we had a long drive and we should go but I couldn't stop looking at her. He asked if I wanted to put the camera back up. I said no I was too tired. He said we came all this way let's get one more. I relented.
I walked over to her and asked her if she would sit for us. She said why me? I told her the truth. I told her she was gorgeous. I am not one to flatter when I don't mean it and I think she could tell. Her family was teasing her and her sister kept telling her to flash the camera.

I helped her climb on the rock and handed her daughter to her who felt lighter than my kids at that age. I made two exposures on the camera and then shot a polaroid on an SX-70 to give to her. We packed and headed for the parking lot.
As we were driving away we saw the woman and her family and friends getting into their cars. I rolled down the window to thank them. They asked if we wanted any company and I politely declined. As we pulled away I could see the sister flashing me.
Some couples have a waiver rule. If they ever have a chance to be with George Clooney or Angelina Jolie then they are automatically granted a one day free pass from the marriage. No such agreement exists in my relationship.
On the plane coming back Erich and I both decided if we had been single we would have liked to have accepted the invitation. It would have been something special. Like the Gator appetizer.


Jeremy said...

Thank you for posting this series. They are quite beautiful...all of them.

I am just blown away by the quality and texture of these images.

Erich Morton said...

I got to say, I was ready to party with them, but I wasn't ready to party. I hope that doesn't weaken The Florida Chronicle's coda too much.

Shane O'Neill said...

Hey Thomas,
Got to say I really really love these portraits,well done.
The florida chronicles in my opinion is the best of the new work I have seen lately from you.

Justin R. said...

These shots really came out well. You've got to be pleased with the trip, then. It was great watching the posts come up and waiting to see the next image, sort of like a photo book version of a 'book-on-tape', if that makes any sense.

Caitlin said...

this series of photographs are amazing. Thanks for sharing them.