Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Cure

Photo by Rob Prideaux
I got a call from a former assistant last week . He had just met with a picture editor to show his portfolio and the meeting had not gone well.The editor was not feeling the work and gave him a bunch of feedback he didn"t know what to do with. He was in distress.

I bid a job last week. The call with ADs went well and the word was I was The FAV. We were able to meet their budget and I was excited to begin work on the project. Of course, as often happens,  they ended up going with someone else. 

In both cases the solution to our problem is  the same. Shoot more. And then shoot again. Look at what you have shot and shoot again. 

All questions will be answered. All wounds will be healed. It is why we all picked up a camera in the first place.


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Danny Clark said...

Your advice is inspiring man. I am an admirer of your work and integrity. One day when I grow up I hope I get to do half the cool stuff you have done.

Thanks for the great images.