Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Makes You feel old

I came across this image I shot years ago of Bob Knight on the NYTimes website today. I think I was 19 when I took it and remember being excited the AP picked up the shot.

I was never much of a sports shooter. I would come back from a football game with a bunch of film and out of 20 rolls I may have had 6 images that were sharp and two that were usable. I would look across the light table at what the other guys had and it was usually hundreds of sharp frames and the occasional soft one. I was more the wide angle off moment guy. Not the peak action guy. I guess things don't change.


robert said...

but for Bob Knight this IS peak action...:)

when i was 19 I really didn't have much going on in photography, I was shooting for a college newspaper and remember A: the waxer, and B: lifting a Spiratone stabilization processor off a table not realizing it contained open trays of chemistry and dumped 2L of dev+stop on myself and the darkroom floor, nearly passing out from the fumes. Good times as they say.

Erich said...

Are you ready for Fuji Instant Film?


MadasHell said...

Poor Bob. I was attending IU I guess shortly before you. I had the "great" fortune to have to shoot every game of arguably the most miserable of seasons, that of 1985, (chair throwing, "Season on The Brink"). I got caught like a deer in headlights while he threw, (quite carefully, I might add.), The Chair. It scooted across the lane, ending up in front of me and a colleague. Luckily, I was able pick-up two frames from a friend a few spots down to save my ass with the Ap. Oh, the memories. How, or what year did you know Hirshfeld? I thought most of us were gone by 1987.

Tiffany said...

You weren't all gone and many of you tiptoed back to us through the years. Hirshfeld is not a cement truck driver, but a chef. Usher is doing great in DC...still. Goldsmith is working his ass off in Pittsburgh. I was way after in '95, but I got to know all of them. Hill is shooting and teaching in Chicago. Riche is still shooting for the papers. Zielenbach is a very in demand wedding photojournalist. It was a good time, when the Arbutus still had the house and there we still paginated by hand. We edited by throwing all the prints on the floor and tearing each other to shreds while drinking too much beer. I miss it.

Anonymous said...

That was an interesting time. I still think of the house, and all of its history. We moved the darkroom up from the basement, remodeled the front room, and got our first PC, and an F3 with a motor, after a bitter battle to get some control of the money... At least one Pulizter Prize winner is said to have lived in the basement one year or summer... One could write a book about all of the famous, or infamous people who have worked in that house. It was rich.