Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sierra Photo Shoot Yesterday

We had a great shoot and a very long day. I think we got six pictures we can use and maybe four home runs. But that could just be the after effects of having a good time. All photographers are geniuses in the first few hours of taking a picture and it is only after a few days have passed does the photographer wake up to the realization that they have made a photograph that more often than not is a cliche and is not very good. This has happened to me countless times and was particularly the case back in the film days when it was a mystery if you had anything at all. It was only when I got in the darkroom did I learn that amazing moment I thought I had looked like it was actually shot from the moon or the film failed to advance or was way way out of focus.

I think a big reason for yesterday's success was the casting ( Without exception each model needed very little direction and worked because of who they were not me telling them to act a certain way. Nancy (the woman in the snow with the girl) walked on set, I asked her to run as if chased and she nailed it the first time. She could have gone home after one take but since we had for few hours I asked her to do it over and over but basically she got it on the first frame.

I thought Kasey did a great job styling and liked everything she did. Jasmine was probably the most talented make up person I have worked with. As long as the h/mu person doesn't make the female models looks like French hookers and the male look like transvestites I can't tell the difference between good and great h/mu. She was able to bring a point of view to her work and make everyone look good and finished but also reenforce the central premise of each photograph.

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