Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First Retouched WIP

Here is the first round work in progress from the retoucher (Laura Johnston). It looks really close. Usually the first round is not as good as this but Laura is really talented and I think in this case it was shot to be put together pretty easily. My fear is that the surfer and snow images will create more serious problems for her. Oh and I bet bikers will be a big mess to make sense of. It always works out best when I can pre-visualize the final composite image before taking the first picture in a composite.

On this picture I still have to decide if he needs to be higher or lower in the frame. When I shot this picture in Mono Lake I remember the camera being pretty close to the ground and we made sure to shoot the hunter from the same angle. There is also a bit of a black line under his left elbow that gives away the composite so that will need to be addressed.

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