Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Steve Jobs

I got a call from Fortune Magazine asking me if I wanted to shoot Steve Jobs and some new device Apple was working on.It was 2001. I had shot him before and always left the shoot a little shaken but said yes. We got to Apple early to set up. All the traffic around the building was stopped and blackout curtains were put up around the room. Someone put a plain cardboard box on the table.

Steve Jobs rolled in and I spent about 15 minutes photographing him and this little white music player ( the image above is from a later shoot) .

After he left, I picked up the iPod and held it in my hand.

'Mheh" I thought to myself.


Robert Holmgren said...

Here's another reaction.

shandy said...

for me steve jobs is a hero, thanks to him I could see the world with beautiful because the work that he made

pay per head said...

Whoa! Amazing! Bad with words 'cause everything is so good!