Thursday, April 22, 2010

Communication Arts Photo Annual


Nathan Brough said...

Oh I totally called that one on your march 17th post. That's 4 of my favorite photographers now that have been selected for Comm Arts this year.

Anonymous said...

Love this photo and your work.
May I ask what camera you used
for this image? I ask as I'm a student.

ThomasBroening said...

Melanie -

I shot this on an Ebony 8x10 view camera with a 165mm. thanks thomas

christine said...

I knew you when you were a wee boy, in Moscow, circa 1971. Was a very good friend of your parents and you may have known our daughter Anna later on. Just want to say your photos are great and I love them.
All the best and please say hello to your mother and father. Haven't heard from them for a while.
Hope you, John and Ben are well,