Monday, February 16, 2009

Website Changes

I have made a bunch of to the main website. I took out a bunch of the post heavy work and have added a lot of the newer large format pictures.

See changes here.


Mark said...

I love seeing your new work. Your "portfolio" should be about both the type of work you can do, but also what type of work you like doing. Thus I can see why you've put more natural shots in your portfolio, as thats the type of work you enjoy doing. However, I think the title "campaigns" might imply viewers are only going to be looking at tearsheets and the like, as opposed to finished works. I might rename that section as to attract more prospective clients.

Just my .02 cents on your truly excellent work.

william rugen said...

all that new work looks great. not as commercial as previous stuff, but great.

small thing, on your portfolio page the thumb nail for the lawn bowler in the factory links to the fencers and visa versa.

Sirfenn said...

Fresh upgrade for the new year. I love some of the new work in context with the old. Always fun to see what different overall flavor comes out when you make some slight changes to the ingredients. Looks great. For some reason the dagerotype process seems to feel out of context with the other more contemporary images. (Even thought I love them separately.)

Rob Casey Photographer said...

Nice stuff, very beautiful.