Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Goldfish Tribunal: Part 2: The Defense

So now ,a day later, all the neighborhood kids who were not present at Fishgate plus the ones who were, have banded together against me. They are all appalled and repulsed and are out for blood.

I want to tell them that death is part of life and what I did was no better or worse than the bacon they had for breakfast or the leather shoes on their feet. I want to tell them about my friend who grew up on a farm in Indiana. I want to tell them that before he could sit down and watch Gilligan's Island he had to do his chores which included feeding the cows, changing the hay in the stall and drowning the extra kittens in the pond. But of course I don't say any of this.

A neighborhood trial is set for this weekend. Barrows Rd V. Thomas Broening. I am trying to enlist some of the fathers to come to my defense but it appears I will have to stand alone. Again.


Erich Morton said...

I can show up as a character witness if needed.

Darrell Eager said...

Hope they don't have a hangin judge in your neck of the woods.

Sirfenn said...

Swinging from the gallows by dawn on Monday morning ... Any last requests?