Friday, September 28, 2007

Ride or Die

This week I photographed a guy who used to be the editor of a major daily newspaper. He still reads four papers a day even though he retired 10 years ago. We were talking and both agreed that the idea of printing information on a piece of paper and then delivering it to someone by hand was a pretty primitive way to communicate. Newspapers and magazines are struggling and a smart person might find another way to make a living than making pictures that go in them.

There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that I am qualified to do nothing else. I have no skills outside of photography . I couldn't even work at Starbucks. When I worked at the country club I was known as the surly bartender.

The good news is that I am qualified to do nothing else. I will have to ride this all the way down or learn to adapt. I have no other choice.


Russell Kaye said...

been lurking here awhile - great insight and entertainment - wanted to say also how very influential Social Graces was to me -thank you

victoriaremler said...

On a real ride or die trip... there is an exhilirating power that "tonight may be the last night I'm living - better ride hard"... the freedom to fearlessly act on maniacal insticts.

May you always create with such desperation and fearlessness. Plus Starbucks has a training program.

Scott Dickerson said...

I was going to say - well fortunately as the papers decline their websites are growing to take their place. But then I realized that none of the papers I've worked for would pay for web photos. So while they may still need good images it does seem like the value of a photo destined for the web is much lower in their minds. I wonder how long it will take to balance out so that hard working talented photographers can make their fair living in the new media world. I guess it will just slowly shift as the market changes.

That's enough stating the obvious for one night.

Anonymous said...

but then there's always moving images.

Anyone with the eye for stills should find this a natural trasition?

Timothy Archibald said...

did you mean " ride a lexus or die"?