Friday, May 25, 2007

Lighting the Famous and then Eating their Food

I photographed this athlete using a light I saw Andrew Eccels demonstrate. It is a single source way high on a stand. Andrew used a bare head but I tried the Fresnel because I still am trying to figure out how to use it.

The subject was super easy going with a small entourage. When I shot LeBron he rolled 10 deep and Chris Rock must have had at least twice that many. John Kerry peeps came in waves and as the age of the handlers crept up you knew the Senator was not far away.

I have never liked photographing famous people. There are two approaches I have tried. One was to get real quiet and be steam rolled by the process. Then I feel more like the guy picking up the dry cleaning or some other invisible person.

There is that line from a country song. "I come on big when I am feeling small" I have done this as well. Made my personality as big as it can get to be sure to be noticed. This has led to a kind of out of body experience which made me feel a little cheap afterward.

Kerry was kind of a jerk. I had taken the silent but sincere approach and he smelled blood in the water and squished me like a bug. Talking to his staff or on his phone during the few minutes he sat for me and then was gone. While we were pre-lighting the shot and waiting to photograph him in his hotel room a waiter came in and set five course meal for Kerry to eat after he had gone down to the ballroom to make his speech. The waiter was excited because he thought he may be setting the table for the next president.

So while we are breaking down the lighting after the senator has gone down stairs my assistant and I look at each other and without saying a word we sit down and proceed to eat this huge meal intended for the "future president" . When we are done we quickly finish packing and get out of there as soon as we could and call housekeeping anonymously to
clear the room. It was not my proudest moment but can't say I regret it.


Rob Prideaux said...

Awesome move. No indigestion I assume.

Ed said...

bwahahaha. Great story telling.

(himself) said...

Flat out hilarious. I remember shooting Bill Gates several years back. They also came in waves and when Bill finally arrived his flunky told me to shut up as I attempted to engage Bill's attention for the alloted 10 minutes. It felt as if Bill knowingly employed thugs.